Diaro is now available in 30+ languages!


You can help us to translate Diaro app to even more languages.


If Diaro app is not available in your language and you would like to translate it, please send us an e-mail to support@pixelcrater.com. Otherwise you can improve current translations using "Translate" link below.


Country ISO code Android app
  English  EN  
  German  DE Translate
  Russian RU Translate
  Spanish ES Translate
  Italian IT Translate
  Portuguese PT Translate
  French  FR Translate

  Africaans ZA Translate
  Arabic AR Translate
  Bosnian BS Translate
  Brazilian Portuguese PT-BR Translate
  Bulgarian BG Translate
CA Translate
  Chinese ZH-CN Translate
  Croatian HR Translate
  Czech CS Translate
  Danish DA Translate
  Dutch NL Translate
  Finnish FI Translate
  Galician GL Translate
  Hebrew IW Translate
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  Swedish SV Translate
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  Ukrainian UA Translate


Special thanks to:

Luis Fernando Franco, Juan Montoya - Spanish translation

Mario Sansone - German translation
Андрей Пускин, Max Gontcharov - Russian translation
Filippo Podeschi - Italian translation
Özkan Şimşek - Turkish translation
Edson Wunderlich - Portugese translation
Joanna Mleczak - Polish translation
Richard Antal - Slovak translation
Deák Viktor - Hungarian translation
Michael Nash - Hebrew translation
홍석우 - Korean translation