Frequently Asked Questions


What is Diaro?

It is an Android app designed and focused to record activities, experiences, thoughts and ideas throughout your day and browse diary notes from the past in the easiest way. Also, it has Diaro Online version which allows to access Diaro app data from your phone or tablet on any web browser on PC or Mac.


Is the app free to use?

Yes, it is free to use on any device running Android 2.3 or newer. Also, there is a Diaro PRO version with additional features.

Can I use this app on tablets?

Yes, Diaro app is adapted to work on any screen resolution.


What permissions are required by Android Diaro app?

Read more about required permissions of the Android Diaro app here.


Is Diaro app password protected?

Yes, it has a "Security Code" protection. You can set it in Diaro app Settings -> "General Settings" -> "Security Code" and when Diaro app is launched you will be asked to enter the code.


Can I reset my "Security Code" if I forgot it?

In order to keep your private data completely secure, there is no way to reset the "Security Code". If you forgot it, please contact us at to solve this problem.


Can I change the language of Diaro app?

Yes, you can choose from 30+ languages at Diaro app Settings -> "Appearance" section! Help us to translate to your language.


How can I change the appearance of the app?

Go to Diaro app Settings -> "Appearance" section and change "UI Color", "Time Format", "First day of week", "Text Size", etc.


How to turn off daily reminder?

Go to Diaro Settings -> "General Settings" -> "Time to write notification" and uncheck all days of week.


How many entries can I add throughout a day?

There is no any limit. You can add as many entries as you want.


How can I edit or delete entry?

Simply tap on the entry, click on entry title or text or use edit button to edit it. To delete entry, click 3 dots icon on the right side of the entry in the list, actions popup menu will open, choose Delete or click Delete icon from entry view/edit mode.


How can I export my entries to PDF file?

You can export your entries to PDF file and print it in Diaro Online



Folders and tags


How to create new folder or tag?

Click "+" button on the side menu on the right side of folders or tags header.


How to edit/delete folder or tag?

Click 3 dots icon on the right side of the folder or tag to open actions popup menu and choose Delete.


How to change entry text font or background color/pattern?

Entry font and background color/pattern can be changed by setting them at first for a folder. To do this, please go to folder edit mode and then choose the font and background color/pattern. All entries assigned to this folder will have the font and background color/pattern you have set.



Export & Import


How can I export my data?

Go to Diaro Settings -> "Export & Import" and click the Export button. Diaro backup file will be exported to your device "/sdcard/Diaro/backup" directory. In order to avoid losing your data if you lose your device, it is recommended to upload your exported backup files to Dropbox by clicking on the file from the list and choosing "Upload to Dropbox" or use Dropbox sync which is available in Diaro PRO.



Diaro PRO


What will I get in Diaro PRO?

You will get a cloud sync across all your Android and Kindle Fire devices and Diaro Online using your Dropbox account. Diaro Online has additional features which you can access with any modern web browser. Also, Diaro PRO is ads free and has a widget.


How can I get Diaro PRO?

Diaro PRO version can be purchased from inside the app. Just go to Diaro Settings -> "Get Diaro PRO".


How to check if the purchase of Diaro PRO was successful?

When you purchase Diaro PRO, Diaro automatically turns on PRO version without downloading anything extra. To check if you are using Diaro PRO, go to Diaro Settings -> "Get Diaro PRO", you should see "Thank you for using Diaro PRO!" text.


How to activate the widget after upgrading to Diaro PRO?

When you purchase Diaro PRO, widget is activated automatically, just add it to your home screen from widgets list. It is called 'Diaro widget'.





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